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Travelling to Tuscany with Baby?

Planning a trip to Tuscany with a baby? Siena House offers all the comforts of home and more. Discover why we’re the perfect destination for families.

“Dear Siena House,
We are taking our first vacation with baby this Summer. We are planning to visit Tuscany. We stumbled upon your place online and it looks super. Is Tuscany a good place to visit with a baby? Do you accept bookings with infants – and if so could you please let us know what equipment you might have available for us to use?”

Dear Tuscany Traveller…

Tuscany is a wonderful place to visit with a baby, as we have experienced firsthand. Babies and small children are genuinely welcome almost everywhere. Be prepared for your little one to be adored and cooed over by the locals; the Italians have a special fondness for children. The only minor drawback is the scarcity of baby changing facilities in small hill towns and even larger cities, so it’s something to be prepared for.

Young woman with baby outside
Gemma with Tilly.

We would be delighted to welcome your family to the house. We have children ourselves, now aged 19 and 8 years, and we too came to Tuscany with a little one—way back when we arrived with our three-month-old daughter in 2004. At the house, we welcome several couples with babies each year—often returning guests who’ve stayed during their honeymoon and choose to revisit with their new baby. Knowing where you are going, and what is available in terms of welcome, ambiance, service, and equipment, makes the experience more relaxing.

Why Here?

Siena House is not a typical hotel or villa but somewhere between the two. We offer more service than a plain villa rental and more homely amenities than a typical hotel. Our location is perfect for exploring Tuscany, and the immediate surroundings are ideal for lazy days ‘at home’ with comfortable rooms and amenities.

Our Key Features:

  • Fully equipped modern kitchen for guests, known as The Summer Kitchen.
  • Two full kitchens inside the house.
  • Dishwasher, kettle, and small work surface in first-floor rooms, convenient for washing baby’s bottles.
  • Full blackout shutters, A/C, and mosquito screens in all bedrooms for restful sleep.
Aerial view of the saltwater pool at Siena House

The Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is salt water, not chlorine. At poolside and on the southwest lawn/terrace, we use Australian ‘Shade Sails’ that filter 95% of UV light. The pool is set within soft lawns, fully enclosed by a fence in a sheltered, scenic spot.

Amenities for Baby Travellers

We have a lot of equipment for babies to ensure a comfortable stay:

Baby Beds:

  • For children aged 0–6 months, we have the new NEXT2ME newborn ‘sidecar’ bed by Chicco.
  • We have soft, high-sided standard baby and toddler beds suitable for children up to 3 years old.
  • Single beds for older children can be added.

Day Out Equipment:

  • Soft, washable baby carriers, including Wilkinet and Ergobaby carriers.
  • Classic Bugaboo Frog stroller.


  • Two sturdy high chairs for babies old enough to sit.
  • Large floor cushions for tiny babies.


  • Two rooms have bathtubs.
  • Baby bath that works well in the shower.

Additional Services:

  • Complimentary laundry service for longer stays.
  • Extra beds at reasonable prices.

Which Room Should We Book?

For new parents with a newborn or toddler, consider these options:

Whatever you are considering, don’t hesitate to contact us to ensure you book at the best rate available for your stay.

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About Siena House

Siena House is a very different place to stay in Tuscany. A truly boutique hotel in a great touring location, perfectly positioned for Southern Tuscany’s most wanted wines, landscapes and hill towns – or for doing nothing at all. Peaceful and private, this is a gated property with a large saltwater pool, beautiful rooms and views run by a British couple.