Arezzo: Where History Meets Chic Shopping

City of Arezzo

Explore the authentic beauty of Arezzo, a city where locals go about their daily lives amidst stunning architecture and vibrant markets. Known for its historical sites and chic boutiques, Arezzo is a must-visit during your stay at Siena House.

Arezzo exudes a sense of realness and discovery that we truly love. It’s a city where local people go about their daily lives amidst beautiful architecture, historic and contemporary cafes, fine dining, and enticing little lunch spots hidden in the backstreets. As the backdrop for the movie “Life is Beautiful,” many of our guests consider Arezzo their favorite visit during their stay with us.

Despite its bustling Antiques & Collectibles market once a month, Arezzo remains undervalued in tourist terms—free from souvenir shops and tourist traps. This is very much to your advantage. Historically wealthy and a long-time center for gold jewelry production, Arezzo once boasted the highest per capita Ferrari ownership in Italy. Explore the beautiful blue-grey stone-built streets, classy shop fronts, and shuttered upper floors on foot to truly appreciate this city’s charm.

Arezzo offers chic shopping, including the legendary leather maker ‘E.V.A’ on Corso Italia, perfect for ladies with a penchant for special bags. The main square and loggia, the gardens at the top of town, and the frescoes by Piero Della Francesca in the Basilica (the ‘English Patient Frescoes’) are just a few highlights.

Indulge in world-class chocolates at VESTRI on your way into town, and try a ‘Nonnino’ pastry. The monthly Antique and Collectables Market is a treasure trove for us, where we often enjoy a laid-back white tablecloth lunch at the CHIAVE D’ORO RESTAURANT or opt for casual but excellent shared table dining at LA BOTTEGA DI MONTEMERCOLE farm cooperative kitchen cafe. For a quick bite amidst the bustle of the Antiques market, OSTERIA MEST and CAFFE VASARI under the Loggia offer classy, understated charm.

Key Information:

  • Distance from Hotel: 30 minutes to Arezzo city limits.
  • Time to Drive: Approximately 30 minutes.
  • Recommended For: History and architecture enthusiasts, food lovers, antique collectors, and chic shoppers.
  • Best Time to Visit: Morning or afternoon, any day except Monday mornings when shops and many businesses are closed.
  • Suggested Duration: Half a day for exploring the city; more if attending the Antiques market or combining with other nearby activities.
  • Itinerary Suggestions: Combine a visit to Arezzo with trips to Chianti, Cortona, Lucignano, Monte San Savino, or shopping excursions to Prada or The Mall.

Special Highlights:

  • The Drive: It’s 30 minutes from Siena House to Arezzo city limits. Park at the train station, Eden car park, or ‘Parking S Agostino’ which is staffed for added security.
  • Special Events: The monthly Antiques and Collectibles market, ideal for photographers, on the first weekend of the month.
  • Don’t Miss: The frescoes by Piero della Francesca at the Basilica and Vasari’s house.