Crete Senesi (Siena)

One of our favourite spots to go sunset chasing is the Crete Senesi zone. An incredible landscape apparently rippling and bubbling under cover of greens, golds and blue grey clays according to the time of year the Crete Senesi or Sienese Clays is a very dramatic landscape and otherworldly landscape and a top spot for photography.  The misty mornings of Autumn or the unforgettable colours in the atmosphere as the Summer sun sets behind the dust thrown up into the air by ploughing make an unforgettable experience of Tuscany.  The Crete Senesi is an area of cereal production, sheep farming (Pecorino Cheese) and is formed of the favourite soil of the white truffle. Indeed within this area – in the town of San Giovanni d’Asso – there is both museum and annual event dedicated to the white truffle.

Visit this are just to see it, this is an incredible place. The journey to the Crete Senesi from Siena House is about 25 minutes if starting at the Arezzo end and about 15 minutes when starting at the Siena end, close to Trequanda. When is the best time to go? Visit any time of day rather than miss it, but if you can see it just before sunset then we think that’s the absolute best time.  This area is known for White Truffles, the soil here is perfect for them to grow. How long do you need? we love just driving through, but then we can visit any time.  I would say that an hour is sufficient to get a feel for this place and some great photos too. Itinerary a visit to Crete Senesi combines well with wine tasting in Chianti (at the Arezzo end) and with a hilltown visit to Trequanda, San Giovanni d’Asso or with the natural thermal baths at Rapolano Terme perhaps.