Trequanda (Siena)

Trequanda countryside begins at 2km from the house but the main town is a few km further – about 10 minutes drive. Trequanda is appealing for its unspoiled feel and real life charm, you won’t find many tourists here – not many internationals that is.  Trequanda is, however, visited by a fair few Italians.

image showing a tuscan hilltop town Trequanda viewed from a distance
Trequanda village viewed from the route to Montisi
The central castle

the Cacciaconti Castle gives very dramatic aspect to the appearance of Trequand from outside. The town parking is almost directly under the turret and thus you will walk the side of the castle to make your way up to the centre of town, it’s a walk of about 5 minutes from the parking area.

Trequanda is such a pretty village, so unspoilt and quiet. This is lesser known Tuscany – a hidden gem, if you like – that has remained authentic and charming.

The main square of the town in the images below: a small square with pharmacy, cafe, restaurant, post office and two churches, one with very curious and beautiful ‘checkerboard’ build style.

Cross atop the church
Image showing a Tuscan Hill town chapel built in stone with checkerboard pattern in the top half of the construction in the shadow showing yellow floral path leading to the steps from bottom right of the image and red brick wall in foreground at left
Church entrance on a special day



Osteria Cireria in the the main square, a nice place to eat.

Post office at right, gardens beyond

Just beyond the main square there is a shady garden, with play area for children



A special event in June is the Fioritura – when the streets are decorated with a path of flowers, petals and leaves leading to the door of the church on the day of the first communion



From Trequanda programme your GPS to take you to Montalcino to enjoy one of the most beautiful drives in all of Tuscany, taking you through a host of super ‘little’ visits…


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