Lucignano (Arezzo)

Lucignano is a very unspoilt little town high up overlooking the Val di Chiana and a favourite location for an ice cream and a stroll on a Summer evening.

Why Visit? Lucignano is a very authentic Tuscan hill town with few tourists, close to the house and charming to explore.  The drive to Lucignano is only about 15 minutes through undulating Val di Chiana countryside. Park just outside the city walls, follow the blue and white ‘P’ signs.  There is a second, less obvious but larger parking zone just beyond the first When to visit Any time of year is good but Winter (shown in these images) hilltowns are cold and windy so wrap up. In general don’t visit at lunchtime unless you intend to eat lunch or wish to find only empty streets and no shopping What’s it known for Lucignano is known as ‘The Pearl Of The Val di Chiana’ Special Events Tthe Maggiolata village flower festival held on the last two Sundays of May. Don’t miss Gelateria Snoopy our absolute favourite place for an ice cream  How much time to spend there Lucignano is small but a varied and interesting town to walk around.  Dedicate an hour to a walk and a little more if planning to eat there too. Itinerary we would visit Lucignano by itself during hottest weather if we wanted an evening walk in a cute town.  Otherwise for a full day’s exploration we would combine a visit to Lucignano with Arezzo or Cortona.

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