Summer Lunches at Lucignano d'Asso

Lucignano d'Asso (Siena)

Nestled between Trequanda and Montalcino, Lucignano d’Asso is our favorite spot for lazy summer lunches.

Our favorite spot for lazy summer lunches, Lucignano d’Asso is a tiny, romantic village nestled between Trequanda and Montalcino. Situated in the dramatic countryside of the Crete Senesi, Lucignano d’Asso features two charming churches, a few houses, and a quaint grocery store. This is where we go to eat and soak in the tranquil Tuscan atmosphere.

Lucignano d’Asso is the perfect spot for a low-key but excellent lunch in a picturesque setting. The journey from Siena House to Lucignano d’Asso is about 25 minutes by car. However, the scenic route might take you longer if you can’t resist stopping for photos.

Visit during the daytime. The little General Store ‘Alimentari Giannetti’ is open for lunch all week long during warm weather except on Mondays. It’s also a great place to buy local cheese, cured meats, and produce if you prefer to cook back at the house.

Since Lucignano d’Asso is a small village, you won’t need much time to explore. However, if you’d like to take a walk through the beautiful Crete Senesi countryside towards Pienza, this is a great starting point.

Combine a visit to Lucignano d’Asso with trips to nearby smaller towns like San Giovanni d’Asso, Trequanda, Castelmuzio, and Montisi. You can stop here for a late lunch after exploring these towns. We also love to stop here en route to or from wine tasting in Montalcino.