Unspoiled Tuscany Just Minutes from Siena House

Montisi (Siena)

One ‘stop’ from Trequanda brings you to Montisi, Olive oil town in the Orcia Chiana Ridge. Set on one of Tuscany’s many scenic routes, Montisi is a tiny, un-touristy medieval town with immaculate streets and houses.

Forgive me for using the term rugged in your description, manicured Montisi, but it’s your softly rounded, rugged walls that define your difference to our other lovely hill towns.

Montisi offers a serene and authentic Tuscan experience away from the tourist crowds. Its softly rounded, rugged walls and beautifully kept streets make it a unique and charming destination. The town is known for its high-quality olive oil and picturesque medieval ambiance.

The journey to Montisi from Siena House is a scenic drive through the Orcia Chiana Ridge, taking approximately 15 minutes. The route offers stunning views of the Tuscan countryside, making the trip as enjoyable as the destination.

Combine your trip with a visit to nearby Trequanda or Pienza for a full day of exploring Tuscany’s hidden gems.