San Quirico d’Orcia (Siena)

San Quirico countryside begins some 30 minutes from the house whilst the town is about 40 minutes away.  Some of the most iconic images we associate with Tuscany are within the commune of San Quirico but despite this fact the historic centre is beautiful and authentic and not nearly as busy as nearby Pienza can be.

  • Why Visit San Quirico d’Orcia? it’s a very pretty, lively and genuine and not at all touristy town in the Val d’Orcia area.  Some of the most photographed parts of Tuscany are within the immediate surroundings of San Quirico.  The journey to San Quirico is about 35-40 minutes by car from Siena House – it’s a very pretty journey.  Park below town in the free parking area that’s well signposted with the ‘P’ and ‘Parcheggio’ signs or in blue pay meter spaces. When to go? We love to go for lunch or dinner in San Quirico – Osteria Da Ciacco is a favourite and highly recommended. San Quirico is known for its beautiful garden in the centre of town (see image above) and the much photographed Tuscan icons – such as the Capella di Vitaleta – that are within its territory.  Don’t miss the Horte Leone gardens in the centre. How long do you need ? If you’re not going to eat only an hour or two. Itinerary: a stop at San Quirico d’Orcia combines well with a visit to pienza, or Bagno Vignone, a walk around the Cappella di Vitaleta or a wine tasting at Montalcino

Images by Dumitru Brinzan