7 days in Tuscany in June by Rene Rickli

Beatrice & Rene came to stay with us in June.  Rene is a photographer and during their stay he shot this fabulous series of images perfectly portraying Tuscany in June – and life at Siena House.

Image showing siena red tuscan country house with arch topped and square topped windows on the ground floor and white breakfast tables outside on the grass the upper floor has smaller square windows with pale olive green shutters

Image showing the corner of a leopoldina type tuscan country house built in siena red brick and grey stone. there are white tables under shade on the lawn outside the window doors and at the apex of the corner there are three deck chairs in shade around an ice bucket

image by rene rickli showing the newly restored white interior of a tuscan country house. this is a kitchen with black kitchen units topped with steel work tops large extraction hood in steel there is a siena red tuscan arch in the background and a white table with a blue ceramic sculpture base and 8 wood chairs floors and ceilings and walls are white windows are large and woodwork is off white there is a painting in the background 'Mrs Andrews' by amanda helen atkins artist from Torrita di Siena
Siena House
Image showing the white interior of a Tuscan country house with siena red brick arched ceiling and white beams walls and table top modern painting just visible at left abstract airscape by amanda helen atkins
Tomatoes from the garden
Image showing the white interior of a modernised tuscan country house two rooms are visible in the background a dining area divided from the second room by a large arch under which a stack of modern painters magazines in the foreground a steel topped bar in black with white bar stool and a man pouring a glass of champagne behind
Welcome to Siena House
Image showing the scene from the window of a tuscan country house first floor bedroom showing a cypress lined driveway and grey green iron fence a top a brick wall a pool below in lawns two parked cars and views of undulating farm land and villages
Golden afternoons
Image showing the restored white interior of a leopoldina style tuscan country house decorated in whites the image shows a central modern fireplace with two large modern painting by artist amanda helen atkins along side furniture by architect paola navone the room is gallery like with light and large walls visible at left a projector and at right a cinema screen above the opening of the tower gallery floor is just visible and at top left the fronds of a tall tree within the room
Siena House: Tuscan country house hotel with art & design
Image showing a tuscan country house garden and the vineyards beyond. image of tuscany in june showing bright green grass and rich green cypress trees a row of rose bushes in bloom in the foreground in midground a wall with an iron fence beyond the vineyard the blue grey skies and gently undulating land of the val di chiana
East view
Image showing views from Siena House boutique hotel in Tuscany picture from june showing intense greens in the vines and wheat fields
Tuscany in June: green
Image showing a tiny stable built in siena red brick with roses climbing the front and hand made tuscan roof tiles. The building sits directly in the grass, in the garden of a country house with cypress trees and vegetable garden beyond. there is a little girl standing in the doorway
The Summer Kitchen
Image showing the restored interior of a tuscan country house outbuilding - a little stable or pigsty - restored to a modern white kitchen. walls are lavender grey and windows are dirty rose pink this is the guest kitchen at a boutique hotel in tuscany
The Summer Kitchen
Image showing a tuscan country house in it's original unrestored state. This is a june image and the grass surrounding and plants climbing on the building are brilliant green. There is a second smaller building next to it and both are built in siena red brick. the sky above is blue and the background shows a gently undulating landscape with cypress trees and farms of the val di chiana in siena
Tuscany in June: blue & green
Image by Rene Rickli showing the interior of a leopoldina tuscan country house restored with white interior and open tower with mezzanine or internal gallery circling the interior of the tower the white beamed ceiling with film set light is visible at top and in the middle of the image the glass walls of the mezzanine below at left the descending staircase and the top of a huge palm plant within the room below a project realised by architect and designer
A gallery dedicated to the view

Image showing a pool in bright green lawns at a tuscan country house. three white sun loungers in the background against the rosemary hedges and in the distance a row of cypress trees and fence under blue skies

Image showing a tuscan country house with white tower third floor and siena red walls below. there is another building separate and between the house and a pool shown in the foreground of the image. A rustic fence, olive acacia and cypress trees are visible in the image

Image showing a lot of lawn and one white lounger in the foreground then steps in the mid ground up to a siena red brick building slightly covered by trees beyond

Image showing a siena red brick wall with pale grey green window door visible and a hollyhock plant with deep pink bloom in foreground

Image showing the white interior of a boutique hotel kitchen the work surfaces in steel large extraction hood in steel one siena red ceiling arch visible over a large table design paola navone in the kitchen too at right of the image a stack of modern painters magazines and behind the kitchen a store of home made jams and marmalades presented as a work of art image by rene rickli

Image showing the white interior of a restored tuscan country house the room shown is an open hotel kitchen with dining table within there are several breakfasts prepared lined up out of focus and in the foreground the wash up area photo of siena house by rene rickli
Tuscany in June: full house
Image showing two people seated at a white table outside a tuscan country house eating breakfast. This is the photographer rene rickli during his stay at siena house. The table is on lawn outside a siena red brick building
Rene & Beatrice enjoying breakfast
Image showing a little boy standing on grass by a white table top he is looking to the left and there is a sprig of basil visible on a white plate at the table
Henry eyeing Rene’s camera
Image by rene rickli showing the siena red brick exterior of a leopoldina tuscan country house in soft focus in the background and in the foreground a cream and pink hollyhock bloom image from june
Siena House: Lovely old Tuscany on the outside
Image showing a man in a red apron and a toddler dressed in blue in a tuscan country garden within a fenced villa in the province of siena
Malvin & Henry
Image showing a row of rose bushes with blooms in yellow, coral and salmon pink planted in a lawn
Tuscany in June: for garden lovers
Image showing two rabbits under a huge cypress tree outside a siena red tuscan country house at right there is an open barn with wood pile within photography by rene rickli
The neighbours
Image showing sunset over the hills of the val di chiana as seen from the lawns of the luxury villa rental and boutique hotel in tuscany siena house image by rene rickli showing from june 2017
Siena House: June sunset


About Siena House

Siena House is a very different place to stay in Tuscany. A truly boutique hotel in a great touring location, perfectly positioned for Southern Tuscany’s most wanted wines, landscapes and hilltowns – or for doing nothing at all.  Peaceful and private, this is a gated property with large saltwater pool, beautiful rooms and views run by a British couple.

Siena House: Located within an organically farmed estate. 
Cortona Junior Suite at Siena House


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