Road to Arezzo: Vestri

If visiting Arezzo we consider Vestri Chocolate, just outside the city an unmissable visit. Just outside the city of Arezzo, on the ‘way in’ for Siena House guests, there’s nothing like it for an ‘out and about’ breakfast. Or second breakfast if you’ve come from the house….

Nothing like it for a superb coffee and pastry on the way in to Arezzo – or not.  We often head there, particularly in the Winter for a late breakfast before a wander in our favourite chic Tuscan city – or perhaps on the way to the amazing antiques market; the Arezzo Antiques and Collectibles Market.

A feast for the eyes, Vestri chocolate is always beautifully packaged, makes the perfect gift – and it’s almost impossible to resist buying something.

In addition it is occasionally possible to organise a Praline Tasting with Vestri’s owner, Daniele Vestri at the Arezzo store.

You’ll drive right past it if heading into Arezzo via Lucignano (cross country). It’s only open until 13.00 (closed on Tuesdays) so it’s a stop on the way in. Visit Vestri’s website for on line shopping. There’s also a vestri store in Florence.

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