Villa Rental

Siena House accommodates up to 12 adults and up to 6 children under 12 years old in 5-6 bedrooms, depending upon how you book:

  • Exclusive Hotel (3-6 bed + kitchen from 1,395-1595 Eur/Night [2 night min stay]
  • Exclusive Villa (6 bed 5 bath, 550+m2) from 3,599 Eur/Night [5 nights min stay]

Whilst the Villa Rental option is much larger than the Hotel Suite option, the extra space is mostly interior open plan socialising areas (1 extra bedroom is available on the ground floor) For Summer Holiday the cheaper option, which has a good sized garden kitchen, is generally sufficient. The open plan ground floor rooms, included in the more higher priced option are a great addition for film, workshop or conference uses or cooler times of year when large luminous interior spaces will be required.

Get in touch to know more let us know children’s ages and individual family accommodation requirements