We are very conscious that without good, reliable & fast Internet, flat screen TVs & Netflix in our suites and rooms, we could not claim to offer real comfort. Even in the largest, ‘Luxury’ and city hotels the WiFi and supporting technologies are usually disappointing. At the house, we have a 100Mbps internet connection. Sufficient for all our guests needs.

The House has the latest Ubiquiti WiFi Mesh technology inside and out – including the Pool area. We also have also a hard wired LAN in each room. The wired LAN is connected to a Mini-PC which serves an HD-TV screen in each bedroom. There is a wireless mini-keyboard for each TV.

You will be able to access any local TV in the world that broadcasts unrestrictedly over the internet for domestic viewers.

Additional Stuff:

We have a dedicated Netflix channel for each room. In Tuscany TV in the room is rare… and of course you don’t come to Tuscany to watch TV either, but having the option can be welcome, any time of year.