Tuscany’s Winter Landscape

The parched, low contrast shades of the Tuscany Summer landscape are very different from the Winter landscape. The bare, skeletal deciduous trees revealing more of the actual land forms. Winter skies change rapidly with faster winds.  Winter rainy skies in deep greys can give way to exquisite amber sunsets and truly magical sunsets that feel so surprising to anyone from Northern climates. Winter light is particularly special, colder but bright it electrifies the wheat grass in unforgettable greens.

The images below were all taken from the garden at Siena House and are our Winter views.

Bettolle, between the Cypresses.

The Val di Chiana & Bettolle (mid ground)


Fattoria La Fratta, Val di Chiana & Appenines.


We are surrounded by La Fratta’s organic land.


Far away to the South – Monte Cetona.


Visible from Montepulciano & Siena rooms.


Over the hills  – Trequanda, Montisi, Val d’Orcia.


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